VMBpress for retailers

The Netherlands is a magazine country

A significant part of the magazines published in Europe are unfortunately not yet available in stores. Therefor we founded VMBpress.

The objective of VMBpress

Our objective is to provide these magazines the resources to present themselves in the single copy sales. These magazines are in fact very worthwhile and often difficult to obtain.

Little administrative burdens

We want to achieve this with minimal administrative burden. The distribution of the magazines needs to be agreeable for all the regarding parties. The retailer receives high purchase discounts, the publisher receives a fixed percentage of the quantities sold and customers who do not immediately want to subscribe to the magazine are now able to buy it in your store. We keep the lines of communication short, and where possible, we take our customers into account. Our distribution works with mutual involvement.

Course Of Action

You choose which magazines you want to offer in your store. On www.VMBpress.nl all magazines are distributed via VMBpress. Obviously, we will introduce to you the new magazines in our catalog. You can specify how many copies of each magazine you want to receive. For as little as 4 copies. You can change the number, depending on sales. You have the right of return on all magazines. This means that you pass through www.vmbpress.nl how many copies of an edition has not sold. Only the copies sold will be invoiced. You do not have internet access, you can also pass the sales data via email, fax or phone. You do not send copies sold not return. This means that you report via www.vmbpress.nl how many copies of an edition you have not sold. Only the copies sold will be invoiced. If you do not have internet access, you can also report the sales data by fax or phone. You do not have to return the copies sold not.

High purchasing discount

Your purchase discount is based on the number of different magazines you sell through VMBpress, because the more titles, more discount. When the number of magazines changes the discount can also be changed. The levels of purchasing discount:

Number of different magazines: Discount per copy:
1 25%
2 27,5%
3 30%
4 32,5%
5 or more 35%

Our portfolio

Our portfolio In our portfolio we have magazines in various categories. The number of titles is continually being increased. For a current list of titles, you can always contact us.

  • Hobby & Spare Time
  • Art, History & Culture
  • Countries & Travel
  • Lifestyle & Opinion
  • Management & Business
  • Nature & Science

Report Sales results

You will receive an e-mail at the end of the sales period of a magazine. In this e-mail you will find alink through where you can report the sales results of the issue. That’s all.

Learn more or sign up?

For more information about offering the magazines from our portfolio? Please contact us at 0251-257 935 or send an email to info@vmbpress.nl.